A downloadable game for Windows

"The sector you've been assigned to is filled with AI controlled ships. You're task is to collect the dust left behind by the death of a black hole. We need that dust as fast as possible, Commander. So get to it. Good luck!"

Dust Rush is a real time strategy game based in space, where your goal is to collect 3000 units of Dust, or eliminate all the enemies in your sector.


  • Mouse Scroll - zoom in / out
  • Left Click - select stations / ships
  • Left Click + Drag - select multiple ships
  • Right Click - move selected ships
  • WASD / Arrows - move view
  • Move Cursor to edge - move view
  • C - center view
  • ESC - pause game


Dust Rush - Install Required 39 MB
Dust Rush - No Install Required 38 MB

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