A downloadable game for Android

This game was created during the Polihack hackathon

Created in 48h by team CAPS LOCKED


  • Use the left joystick to move around
  • Use the right joystick to rotate the sword


=== v1.1.0 ===

+ fixed bug where game would crash when you died near a chest
+ issue with enemies getting close to you but not attacking
+ added score system
+ added highscore system
+ added new enemy: Bomber Orc
- Removed StoryMode to create new levels
+ Added InfinityMore
- Removed weapon Cleaver
+ Added Big Hammer (only metalic part can hit enemies)
+ Added Golden Knight Sword -> This powerup can be obtained if Knight sword is equipped. Can be used to destroy magic projectiles


v1.1.0 - Latest Edition 35 MB